Precision Spear Fishing At StackHawk


StackHawk is a rapidly growing application security company, and they’re targeting a burgeoning market of modern engineering teams who embrace automation and want a simpler way to build secure software. With the industry’s first (and only!) dynamic API application security testing (DAST) tool built for developers, StackHawk uses CloseFactor to scale their go-to-market by rapidly targeting their exact ideal customers.

The Opportunity for StackHawk

StackHawk’s unique approach to application security makes it a perfect fit for agile engineering teams that are adopting DevOps and CI/CD principles but want to ensure that applications continue to be built securely even as they are released faster. With a total addressable market of millions of businesses in the United States, they wanted to precisely target organizations at the right stage in their journey towards modern development practices and security awareness, so they could scale their go-to-market operations in a fast and predictable way. 

“The best way to scale go to market is to find the exact people that have the pain points that your product is uniquely positioned to solve”, says Kurt Zanca, Head of Sales at StackHawk. “CloseFactor found us both the companies that had the exact right levels of pain and the buyer personas that are ideal for us.”

Why StackHawk Chose CloseFactor

“I had seen first hand how noisy some of the existing tools are – having personally spent hours building lists of companies and trying to get my search queries exactly right to find the people. If you don’t do the research, you could waste a lot of time with the wrong accounts, but using a manual process to collect information on every account would slow us down and waste time for our talented team of sales reps, who were chomping at the bit to get going”, says Kurt. “The CloseFactor team eliminated the countless hours of manual research by finding all the exact parameters about the companies that were interesting to us, all in one shot including all the indicators that showed they had the right use cases and all the people we could prospect to.”

The Results

Eliminating hours of wasted time each week for their sales team meant that StackHawk’s sales team could focus on engaging prospects and customers instead of research. The disciplined effort towards pipeline generation meant that new customer meetings were being booked every week and directly built pipeline for StackHawk. Within a few weeks, the team introduced a brand new outbound motion and saw immediate success booking meetings and building a qualified sales pipeline thanks to CloseFactor.

“CloseFactor was like having a very clever shortcut available to us,” says Kurt. “They helped us filter out the noise and hone in on the exact right target accounts and personas with very little effort. It’s like having a virtual assistant that did research for my team!”