Solving for Efficient Scaling at Unravel

Unravel Data, provider of the industry’s first DataOps solution, aims to resolve performance problems with Big Data stacks. Unravel used CloseFactor to hone in on which were the right accounts to target and to serve up pre-researched accounts and target personas for its newly scaling team to pursue.


Unravel, uniquely positioned in the massive Big Data market as a self-service DataOps solution, found itself in a complex market with many different types of buyer personas. Their buyer personas range from traditional APM buyers to platform and data architects using very specific technologies to build data pipelines, particularly in the cloud. As their sales team scaled, it was important to hone in on specific sales plays and types of customers to achieve their growth goals.

Why Unravel Chose CloseFactor

Kunal Agarwal, CEO of Unravel, knew that there was a burgeoning class of businesses that were investing in complex data pipelines to optimize the performance of their modern data applications – and these businesses would need a platform like Unravel to provide a unified view across the entire stack and offer actionable recommendations and automation for tuning, troubleshooting, and improved performance.

Focusing on the right accounts was important for both top-of-funnel and sales execution motion across all segments globally. The standard sales method of chasing after large financial services companies could prove to be inefficient and expensive, especially when there were emerging internet businesses that had larger volumes of data pipelines and were more likely customers for Unravel.

Chase Langley, Director of Sales Development, knew the problem was complex but also had seen where newly hired teams of sales development reps could waste time or lose focus easily hunting for the right buyer personas inside large accounts. Both wanted to reduce ramp time for reps as well as improve sales productivity.

The lean and efficient sales team, led by Roman Orosco, wanted to be exactly precise and targeted in their outbound efforts, particularly due to the complex nature of their buying motion and buyer personas. 

“We picked CloseFactor because they could surface up an exact target list of accounts for us that matched our ideal customer criteria, sifting through a vast ocean of companies”, says Kunal. “They could hone in on exactly which buyer persona had the pain point of data operations that we solve to a degree not possible with other tools.”

The Results

The net results were that a newly hired and minted sales team at Unravel saved 40% of list building and research time. 

“Just identifying the right target account list for our reps, backed by data on what type of initiatives they had going on in terms of data transformation, was immensely valuable to us”, says Roman.” The cherry on top was that all of the accounts already had pre-researched the personas that our reps would normally spend their time doing. This not only allowed us to hit the ground running but also test out our sales motion and its ability to grow the business”

“The preciseness of information from CloseFactor was impressive”, says Chase, “we could validate both the accounts and personas right away from the responses and meetings we got set up!”