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Launch Darkly Sales

How LaunchDarkly Uncovered 2,000 New Sales Opportunities with CloseFactor


LaunchDarkly is a Feature Management Platform that serves hundreds of billions of feature flags daily to help software teams build better software, faster. LaunchDarkly serves application development teams in organizations of all sizes that are moving to agile development methodologies and increasingly faster product release cycles. As organizations all across the world transform themselves into faster-moving software delivery teams, LaunchDarkly is poised for tremendous growth. The LaunchDarkly Sales leadership sees both the opportunity and the challenge – growing at breakneck speeds means scaling sales teams and helping them find the right opportunities faster.

LaunchDarkly used CloseFactor to not only identify the right target accounts to go after but also to serve up the exact teams and personas inside these accounts so their newly hired sales teams were productive within days of being hired. LaunchDarkly’s sales team uses the machine intelligence of CloseFactor to power their discovery calls, so their sales reps are always prepared and in context with their customers. Within a quarter of using CloseFactor, LaunchDarkly saw their pipeline increase by 30%.

LaunchDarkly – Poised for Rapid Growth

LaunchDarkly, one of the fastest-growing startups for developer tools, has the lofty mission to change how modern dev teams develop and ship products. The sheer speed of innovation today makes it a must-have developer platform for enterprises to release product changes quickly and reliably. To tap into the vast potential of enterprises that were moving to agile development tools and faster release cycles, LaunchDarkly’s sales teams were growing in an equally fast-paced manner.

The Vast Opportunity

As the LaunchDarkly sales team was rapidly scaling to handle the momentum in the developer tools market, the challenge facing them was to find the exact right customers that were already feeling the pain that their product solved. With a huge addressable market, their newly hired sales team needed to pinpoint exactly where all the opportunities were to grow their business.

“We saw immense potential everywhere, but at the same time, we knew that our sales team needed to move fast. They need to be efficient about conducting outbound prospecting and pipeline building, targeting with precision and not wasting their time chasing the wrong accounts or personas”, said Tammy Sexton, VP of Enterprise Sales at LaunchDarkly. A charismatic and dynamic sales leader, she wanted to empower her team to be engaged in the right context with the right customer, always finding the right accounts to prospect into and the right deals to move forward.

Why LaunchDarkly Chose CloseFactor

Tammy Sexton has a vision for building her team. She wanted her reps to follow a disciplined, repeatable process for fast and predictable enterprise technology sales. She wanted a quantifiable way to implement this process so that every step could be honed in on and executed consistently. This, in her opinion, was the way to make a difference as a first-line or second-line manager.

Tammy’s favorite quote from John McMahon’s book The Qualified Sales Leader is “Yelling SELL to a struggling sales rep is like yelling SWIM to a drowning man.” “I want my reps to build the right habits – do the right research, conduct exact discovery calls, find the pain, build champions, sell in context of the economic buyer’s priorities”, says Tammy, “I want to give them all the right tools to be able to accomplish this and measure effectiveness at every step.”

Tammy chose CloseFactor because it served up exactly the right information in terms of business initiatives, projects, and personas to her team on a silver platter. CloseFactor uncovered over 2000 opportunities across 600 accounts. With so many opportunities to chase, her team could focus the time they spent engaging with the customer. Before every discovery call, they could be completely prepared with all the relevant information available externally so reps could dig into and find customer pain points in all the right places and move deals to the next stage.

CloseFactor not only surfaced up exactly the information they needed for their target accounts and customers, but the solution also made it easy to take action on the information. Inside sales representatives and account executives could team up to align on strategy for their territories and execute on their game plan to generate pipeline and accelerate pipeline coverage.

“Reps using CloseFactor consistently correlated with higher pipeline,” says Tammy Sexton. “This proofpoint in itself was huge in getting more of the team engaged and more productive.”

The Results

The net result was that LaunchDarkly’s sales pipeline grew 30% quarter over quarter. New sales reps were able to ramp up in half the time and with the sales team crushing their quotas, their business growth is assured and predictable.

“The CloseFactor team amazed us with how exactly relevant the information they surfaced was. Not only did it save our sales reps tremendous amounts of work that they would have to do manually, but they also helped us accelerate our growth strategy” says Tammy. “Compared to other tools on the market, their differentiator was that they were not a generic source of information, they were exactly specific to what our reps need and fit nicely into their workflow.”

Next Steps

CloseFactor uses machine intelligence to do your bespoke custom research, taking the pain out of finding which prospects are most likely to buy and the right buyer personas to take action with across hundreds of prospect companies.

With CloseFactor’s automated research assistance, sales reps now have visibility into where all the opportunities are and how to close them. With the machine’s continuous account mapping, sales reps can keep on top of many more accounts than they used to, without losing sleep or missing an opportunity. Contact to request a demo today!

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