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How Turing Streamlined Account-Based Marketing Success with CloseFactor


Turing is a revolutionary company at the forefront of the remote hiring revolution by using artificial intelligence to source, vet, match, and manage over 2-million engineers worldwide to organizations that need them. While more companies are opting to remain remote, and there’s no shortage of hirable software talent, it’s difficult for companies to find high-quality within the global talent pool. Turing helps companies save valuable time and resources, by performing deep profile assessments and matching through hours of vetting across several data points. Meaning they can quickly connect a company in need of employees with talented and qualified software engineering talent.

Poised for Rapid Growth

Turing has created a perfect storm by offering a product that is not only insightful and helpful, but incredibly relevant to the current trend of remote and hybrid workplaces. With such a disruptive product, there’s no shortage of potential organizations that would benefit from Turing’s expertise in the remote hiring journey, leaving a huge addressable market. Turing needed a way to accelerate qualification of accounts and personas for their account based marketing(ABM) efforts to further drive pipeline growth.

Why Turing Chose CloseFactor

Turing chose CloseFactor for several reasons. Prior to CloseFactor, Turing’s ABM teams were in need of a bird’s-eye view of all of the accounts and the associated hiring activity happening in those accounts.

For a small but growing ABM team at Turing, prioritizing the right accounts to campaign is key to driving results. CloseFactor helped us determine the best accounts from thousands of accounts that we could go after.
Photo of David No
David No
Director of Accounts Based Marketing

With CloseFactor providing that clean bird’s-eye visibility into which customers had the buying catalyst and urgency to use a solution like Turing, the ABM team has precise target accounts and personas to engage.

Closefactor’s AI/ML platform removed all of the guesswork and enhanced the Turing ABM teams to focus on expansions and upsells.

Other than prioritization and qualification of accounts for ABM, another reason to use CloseFactor at Turing is to identify and qualify the right accounts by sales play for their account executives. The manual process to go account by account and identify those that are looking to augment staff with remote work was painful and wasted time for account executives.

With CloseFactor, the Turing AEs are now instantly creating target lists for outbound engagement and doing most of their prospecting research work in an automated way.

The Results

CloseFactor has influenced a new way of selling at It has impacted how they plan high quality events, gain higher density relationships inside their target accounts and get much higher return from their pipeline.

David No, Director of Accounts Based Marketing at Turing, and a primary adopter of the Closefactor platform explains that “For a small but growing ABM team at Turing, prioritizing the right accounts to campaign is key to driving results. CloseFactor helped us determine the best accounts from thousands of accounts that we could go after. CloseFactor allowed ABM and sales to partner more effectively in driving deals with a shared understanding of buying indicators, target personas, pain areas and actual contacts. All in one single source of truth within the CloseFactor solution”.

With the Sales team using CloseFactor to prioritize the list of “best potential” accounts from 1000+s start-ups that they could be going after, they are getting faster at identifying which accounts to focus on and the fastest path to landing a foothold inside these accounts.

Alycia Wortman, an Account Executive at Turing added on, explaining that “CloseFactor has made it very easy for me to research accounts in my territory, understand company initiatives (at one glance). Earlier I was spending hours manually creating prospect lists and now I have a single pane of glass to prioritize accounts, identify key plays and their hiring goals, and create a list of contacts for outbound. This not only saves me a lot of time, it allows me to be in context with the customer when I meet with them”.

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