CloseFactor announces $4.5M Seed Round Led by Sequoia Capital

Automate your sales research with CloseFactor.

CloseFactor automates the sales busywork and uncovers sales opportunities for you. Know which accounts are most ready to buy, where your top opportunities are, and how to seize them.

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CloseFactor gives you a birds-eye view of your entire territory like you've never seen. With your Heatmap, you can see which of your Accounts have the highest concentration of contacts and buying signals that align to your sales plays. We give you exactly what you need understand your territory's hotspots and take action.
CloseFactor can identify potential opportunities in your accounts based on the exact buying signals you look for when doing account research and planning. Our platform pulls together business priorities and projects that align to your target use cases and sales plays and then identifies the contacts aligned to these teams and projects - giving you the insight you need to take highly-informed, high-ROI action immediately.
CloseFactor automatically surfaces Contacts matching your exact target personas for you. Decision makers and leaders with the experience, skillset, or buying signals you're looking for are just clicks away. Plus, CloseFactor works with the sales tools you already use - Sales Navigator, Zoominfo, Seamless, and more - allowing you to take action right away.