Sales Leaders

Pipeline Generation
Life Hack

Date: Nov 10, 2021
Time: 10-10:30 AM PT

Presented By:


Rodney Toy

A former VP of Sales Operations at three public companies, Rodney has wisdom to share and scars to prove it!


  • Consistent pipeline generation
  • Fast onboarding of new reps

Why It Matters:

  • Higher productivity
  • More of the right kind of deals!

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Slow pipeline generation? Get laser-focused on the right customers

Join this webinar to learn how to accelerate pipeline by translating your ICP, buyer persona and key customer characteristics into intelligence that your reps can take action on right away. Eliminate manual, laborious, and time consuming research – get the life hack!

About This Webinar:

While heads down closing deals, how will your team manage pipeline generation and acceleration?

Join Rodney Toy, Former VP of Sales Operations at three public companies and Akanksha Manik Talya of CloseFactor to:

  • Discuss common pitfalls and challenges in generating high quality pipeline
  • Explore strategies to accelerate pipeline generation specific to your company’s growth stage and inbound/outbound strategy
  • Understand how to set up your reps for success in closing current quarter deals while also turbo-charging high quality pipeline for the next quarter

About Rodney:

Rodney has led Sales, Sales Operations and Go-to-Market teams for more than 25 years in some of the most notable publicly traded and private technology companies in Silicon Valley including Apple, Forescout, and HP. Despite so many years of experience, his capacity for real talk remains undiminished.

About CloseFactor:

CloseFactor is applying machine learning to automate the manual, laborious tasks sales people spend time doing to research accounts. Particularly for companies focused on growth, step one is identifying accounts with pain points and initiatives that your product can play well into.

CloseFactor serves up relevant projects and initiatives inside accounts, eliminating the work that your team spends hours doing such as sourcing the right lists and manual account research to do contextual outbound, so they can focus on the value-added activity of engaging the customer.

We’re already showing spectacular results at companies like Zuora, LaunchDarkly, Harness and others – cutting out 40% of list building and list prep time, increasing pipeline by over 30% and reducing sales rep onboarding time to days instead of months.