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Account Deep Dives

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CloseFactor automates prospect research freeing you up to do what you do best, sell.
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Why people love Account Deep Dives

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CloseFactor potential opportunities are like magic for creating targeted outreach to my account base. Pre-researched accounts and opportunities right at our fingertips empowers our sales team to sell more efficiently.
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Chris Zawoyski
Regional Sales Director, LaunchDarkly

Account Activity

CloseFactor centralizes activity for an account into one place so you have all the context you need to start your outreach.
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Potential Opportunities

CloseFactor tells you where the opportunity is within an account like who’s actively hiring or who’s investing in new projects so you know where to focus.
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Key Contacts

CloseFactor shows you exactly who at your accounts are showing signs of buying behavior so you can identify the right people in the buying committee.
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