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Real buying signals at your fingertips.

CloseFactor tells you which accounts are most likely to buy so you know which ones to prioritize.
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Why people love the Heatmap

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Information provided by CloseFactor was critical in helping me chase down so many accounts in my territory. With new information constantly being updated, I even know when the time is right for every account in my territory.
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Sydney Settle
Account Development Team Lead at Stardog

Buying Signals

CloseFactor surfaces real buying signals that take place well before someone shows intent so you can get in front of buyers before your competitors do.
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Account Overviews

CloseFactor gives you a complete view of all your accounts including key contacts, hiring trends, and buying signals so you know where to focus your time.
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Contact Sync

CloseFactor syncs key contacts to the tools you use every day like Outreach or LinkedIn so you can start engaging the right people.
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