Sales Superheroes

Salespeople are often called the unsung heroes of enterprise technology. The best salespeople we work with are relationship builders and trusted advisors to their customers. They immerse themselves in their customers’ worlds – understanding organizational context, pain points, and use cases – while aiming to deliver value in every interaction.

Here’s why we think these heroes are amazing: to hit their number they have to keep many parallel conversations going with numerous customers or with several groups within a single larger customer. It’s never just one deal at a time – that’s too risky. The pipeline rules their life, and every quarter a loaded pipeline makes a substantial difference in quota attainment. Yet, when they get caught up in deal closing, building the pipeline goes out the window because closing deals needs all the focus, attention, and orchestration they can give.

So how do they juggle generating pipelines and closing at the same time? The most common answer that we hear from the sales heroes we work with is utilizing every resource available in order to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. With the increase in the availability of company data being online, this usually becomes an exercise in sifting through and staying on top of massive mounds of information, spending valuable time on discovery calls, and building a network. In short, there is a lot of manual effort involved – googling, searching through job listings, company blogs, press releases, 10Ks, earnings call transcripts, and more – to surface up valuable nuggets about business initiatives and customer pain.

The CloseFactor founding team is familiar with solving this problem for salespeople. We believe that the current state of machine learning is perfectly set up to automate the research process and serve up opportunities to salespeople on a silver platter. In our enterprise journeys at large enterprises like Microsoft, Linkedin, Splunk, and others, we found that the best place to utilize machine learning is in areas that alleviate human effort and automate grunt work. Our mission is to help B2B salespeople manage and navigate their complex world, helping them hit their number effortlessly with thousands of our machines doing the research required to build the right kind of pipeline and close deals predictably.

We help salespeople generate the constant pipeline they need. We do this by surfacing up everywhere there is pain inside customer accounts. “When you find pain, you find champions,” says John McMahon in his book The Qualified Sales Leader. And any B2B sales rep knows that a champion is critical to a deal. We surface up where all the opportunities are among large sets of accounts or even inside large accounts with many subsidiaries and potential buying groups.

We think salespeople should spend time where it’s most valuable for them – engaging with the customer and navigating the deal closing process. CloseFactor uses machine intelligence to automate the research they need so they can always find the right accounts, hone into the right buyers, engage them in their organizational context, and offer creative solutions to their problems and pain points. 

In other words, we help B2B salespeople be more human, while our machines offload their work! 

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