Sales Leaders

Empower every rep to sell like your best rep

Marketing/Demand Generation

Sales leaders only have 2 parameters in their control to grow revenue: People and Productivity. CloseFactor inspires both.

Immediate insights

Reduce rep ramp
up time

All the insights reps need are right at their fingertips, so they can sell to each customer in the context of the customer’s problem.

Purchase intent

Increase sales productivity

A view across the entire territory of the people linked to buying indicators empowers reps to focus on the accounts that are ready to buy.

In it to win it

Lower rep attrition

With more reps pointed at the right opportunities, and more balanced territories, everyone has a shot at making their number.

Sales Leaders

Account Executives/BDRS

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Align with budget owners and champions for every account. Instantly and automatically.

Custom research

Save time with pre-researched accounts

CloseFactor serves up everything reps need to know about an account – even if they’re brand new to it, so they can hit the ground running. Pre-researched accounts and opportunities are ready to qualify from day one.

Information you can act on

Increase revenue with a fatter pipeline

Intuitively understand multiple accounts and be very precise in outbound sales to generate more opportunities with less effort. Spend less time researching and more time engaging with target decision makers and champions.

Marketing/Demand Generation

Hit the sweet spot with your marketing

Account Executives/BDRS

Target the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Scoring and categorization

Optimize marketing spend

Custom indicators and scoring capabilities reveal where customers are on their buying journey and which accounts and people are most likely to buy.

Intel for hyper-personalization

Craft meaningful messages

Contextual details on customer personas and pain points make it easy to hyper-personalize your marketing messages and deliver them at the right time.

Actionable lead scoring

Align marketing with sales

CloseFactor’s bottoms-up scoring is based on actual data about people and projects, so it’s immediately actionable by sales.

Close deals faster!

Find out how we deliver the insights you need to connect with your best customers.