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CloseFactor serves up tailor made opportunities with people who are ready to buy now.
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How it works
CloseFactor tells you which accounts are a good fit by looking at data from your deals, sales plays, and more.
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Then, we research those accounts in real time and tell you which are getting ready to buy so you know who to prioritize.
Potential Opportunities
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Lastly, we’ll tell you the exact contacts you need to reach out to so you can engage the right people, with the right message, at the right time.
Kyle Florat
Head of Data Architecture
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Janice Fleming
Engineer Manager
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Trey Abrams
Product Director
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SmartSend automatically creates messages and customizes them based on where you have achieved most success
Messages based on success

Find your best customers

Go beyond firmographics. CloseFactor helps you identify your real ICP by looking at common characteristics across your closed won deals so you know the right accounts to go after.
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Since deployment, we have seen higher quality and quantity of pipeline from our target accounts powered by CloseFactor.
Photo of Ali Jones
Ali Jones
Head of Revenue Operations, Chronosphere

Target buyers with precision

Intent data isn’t enough. CloseFactor identifies buying signals that actually matter to your business so you can get to your future customers before your competitors do.
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Scoring accounts by their readiness to buy and using it to optimize marketing spend led to a 70% QoQ increase in marketing-generated pipeline.
Photo of Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Head of Marketing, Render

Personalize your outreach

Context is key. CloseFactor gives reps everything they need to know about an account by automating research and identifying potential opportunities so they can take action right away. And writes the message combining your preferences and the customers priorities with SmartSend.
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CloseFactor Account Plans are like magic for creating targeted outreach to my account base. Pre-researched accounts and opportunities right at our fingertips empowers our sales team to sell more efficiently.
Photo of Nick Brady
Nick Brady
Account Executive, Grafana

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