CloseFactor announces $4.5M Seed Round Led by Sequoia Capital

The compass for your sales team.

Automated sales research and contextual insights deliver an epic advantage.

A classical compass

Strategic insights

The right accounts

Understand exactly where and how to focus your sales efforts.


Targeted buying personas

The right customers

See which prospects are most likely to buy among thousands.


Actionable account maps

The right context

Get the details needed to connect and close.

  1. 10x

    pipeline created within 3 weeks

  2. 40%

    time saved on research and list building

  3. 30%

    pipeline growth quarter over quarter

  1. “Since deployment, we have seen higher quality and quantity of pipeline from our target accounts powered by CloseFactor.”

    Photo of Ali Jones Ali Jones, Head of Revenue Operations, Chronosphere

  2. “CloseFactor automated all the research my team would have to do manually, account by account, and surfaced up all the right people and initiatives inside our strategic accounts. We improved sales productivity by more than 100 percent since implementation!”

    Photo of Jon Parisi Jon Parisi, RVP Sales, Strategic Accounts, Zuora

  3. “The CloseFactor team amazed us with how exactly relevant the information they surfaced was. Not only did it save our sales reps tremendous amount of work that they would have to do manually, they helped us accelerate our growth strategy.”

    Photo of Tammy Sexton Tammy Sexton, VP of Sales at LaunchDarkly