Who we are

We’re problem solvers, thinkers, and doers who believe advanced technology can help humans achieve their highest potential. To prove it, we created technology that automatically searches unstructured information about companies, entities, and relationships and extracts meaningful intelligence that sales teams can act on. With this custom research, we hope to help companies identify their best customers, empower their sales forces, and exceed all expectations. In honor of our amazing customers, who’ve raved about how our solution has accelerated their pipeline coverage and increased their deal close factor, we’ve named our product CloseFactor.

Meet the team

Leena, Co-founder & CEO, is an enterprise software GTM veteran with over 20 years of experience spanning product management, product marketing, inside sales, corporate marketing and business operations at Splunk, VMware, Redis Labs, Intel and advanced AI company, Petuum.

Ben, Founder & COO, is a two-time startup veteran. Ben has spent the last 6 years working on natural language processing technologies for an AI-based scheduling assistant at Microsoft and Genee. Previously, he has spent over 15 years as a product veteran at Intel, VMware and Jive Software.

Erik, Co-founder & CTO, ran engineering at Connectifier, a recruiting technology company acquired by LinkedIn in 2016. Most recently, he ran AI for LinkedIn’s core business, which builds products to identify the best candidates for every job, whether through recruiter outreach or matching jobs and applicants.

Danyu, Founding Engineer at CloseFactor is a veteran in the machine learning space, have lead many NLP/Information Extraction and Knowledge Graph building projects at Petuum, SIS international research and LSI ColorTool Box. Danyu has a masters degree from Columbia University.

Mike, Founding Engineer, has over 4 years of experience in ML/Data Science including, many Information Retrieval/Ranking, Information Extraction Pipeline and Knowledge Graph building projects. He has a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

David, Software Engineer, has 12 years of experience solving the most complex back-end, machine learning and production data pipeline problems at Microsoft, LinkedIn and four different startups. A graduate of computer science from Caltech, he also specializes in programming language theory, machine learning and production data pipelines.

Kevin, Full-stack Software Engineer, has a long history of experience working on big data and large scale systems at Google and LinkedIn. He was the lead application engineer at Connectifier, responsible for revamping user experience and scaling performance. Most recently he led efforts on rebuilding and scaling the core application backend of LinkedIn Recruiter.

Kevin is a Software Engineer building the pipeline that delivers data and insights to CloseFactor’s customers. He’s led teams building large-scale systems at Apple, LinkedIn, the San Diego Supercomputer center, and Amazon. He has experience at all levels of the software stack, from UNIX kernel internals to hadoop data pipelines and everything in between.

Sarah is an Account Executive with 8 years of experience solving complex business problems for a wide variety of clients in both the B2C client-facing and B2B SaaS worlds. She has a degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice from University of Maryland, College Park, and an MBA from California State University, East Bay.

John, Product Designer, has over 5 years of experience designing user-centric digital experiences in the B2B SaaS, Financial Services, and Retail spaces. He has a B.S. in UX Design from the University of Michigan.

Scott is a Software Engineer with 15 years experience specializing in building complex, data-heavy frontend applications. At Google, he led frontend teams within AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google’s internal business intelligence platform.

Carl, Software Engineer, has 9 years of experience building fast, reliable, distributed systems.  He worked on large scale data processing pipelines for Google Analytics to help customers improve their Adwords spend.   At Netflix, he built the Edge Gateway for their Cloud infrastructure.

Akanksha has 16 years of B2B SaaS executive leadership experience in Product Management and Customer Success at GE Digital and Deloitte Consulting. Akanksha is a scaling advisor to many B2B SaaS and Future of Work hyper-growth start-ups. Being a long distance hiker, a health and fitness enthusiast has deeply shaped her perspective on company building, leading amidst hyper-growth, and cultivating high-performance environments.


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