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Apr 11, 2024
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Selling has become increasingly challenging in 2024. Inboxes overflow with generic emails, videos, and content, making genuine personalization and meaningful engagement a rarity. On top of that, deals now take longer to close than ever before. 

The problem is that sellers’ don’t know enough about their buyers — but it’s not their fault. They simply lack the time to both build pipelines and close deals effectively. The harsh reality being that without an in-depth understanding of their buyers, leading with tailored value propositions addressing their pain points, converting them to customers becomes an uphill battle. 

Traditionally, sellers faced a catch-22 situation: dedicating countless hours away from pipeline-building and deal-making for manual research. 

But that’s all changing now. Because, at CloseFactor, we’ve leveled up our account research automation with new and improved Account Plans. 

Now, account executives can focus on what they do best - sell. 

Account Plans take prospecting research and supercharge it with AI automation, providing sellers with valuable insights they need to customize conversations and lead with value in every interaction, enhancing buyer engagement. 

With Account Plans, sellers receive comprehensive breakdowns of their target accounts, now customized based on the seller’s business. This means bringing up business initiatives and market expansions that’re specifically relevant to the seller’s company value props and incorporating the Value Path to demonstrate how your product's unique selling points align with customer challenges.

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Value-based selling is a core component in how our team operates at Securiti, but the time it takes to fully understand what’s going on in an account makes it difficult. CloseFactor has been instrumental in helping our sales organization identify the exact pains our buyers are experiencing so that they can lead with value at every step of the sales process.
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Eric Amstutz
Director of Global Sales Strategy

With Account Plans, sellers can now: 

  1. Elevate your engagement with prospective customers

  2. Streamline C-level buy-in and approval process.

  3. Reduce research efforts significantly.

Account Plans empower sellers with instant access to all necessary information, enabling them to have meaningful, value-driven conversations and convert prospects into customers seamlessly. 

But what exactly do Account Plans offer?

  1. Company Overview: Get high-level summaries of the account’s core business, leadership, and strategic priorities. This will ensure every seller is well-prepared for any conversation. 

  2. Business Model: Insights into how your account monetizes their offerings. structures their pricing and offering.

  3. Competitors: Be presented with a list of an account’s key competitors and their differentiators. This will help every seller position their solution more effectively. 

  4. Product and Market Expansion: Understand how your account is growing or planning to grow and where your product could fit in.

  5. Product and Business Initiatives: Get insights into recent and planned investments. This will help sellers align their solutions with the account’s pain points. 

  6. Value Path: Align your product’s (even specifically line of business) value props with your prospect’s challenges and business initiatives.

  7. Recent News: Stay up-to-date with your account’s recent news with weekly refreshes so you’re always in the know.

  8. Financial Performance: Whether you’re looking for recent funding or trying to understand a company’s total revenue and where it’s coming from, CloseFactor surfaces all insights in one spot.

  9. Leader Challenges: Get board-level insights, highlighting top concerns and pain points of the leadership team, helping sellers in keeping conversations focused. 

  10. Leader Quotes: Understand what leaders care most about as we surface their direct quotes right in your Account Plan.

Worried about accessing out-to-date information? Don’t worry. We know that companies change direction quickly. Our Account Plans are refreshed quarterly to ensure you are up-to-speed at all times.

 Account Plans automate and customize the prospect research process, empowering sellers to lead with value and convert more prospects into customers efficiently. 

And the best part about our new Account Plans? You can access your own free Account Plan today. Get started now ->

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