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CloseFactor x Salesforce: The ultimate integration power couple.

Feb 27, 2024
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Are your reps splitting time across multiple platforms researching accounts when they could be spending that time with prospects?

We understand the importance of seller productivity and have some exciting news for you … 

CloseFactor now has an even deeper integration with Salesforce !

Your sellers can now receive valuable CloseFactor insights directly in Salesforce, reducing the amount of context switching that often destroys focus and deep work. 

CloseFactor has already been integrated to sellers and their account assignments in Salesforce for many months now. But some customers couldn't get enough of the goodness:)

What was the problem?

  • Reps often need to look through multiple platforms to find nuggets of insights about their accounts - generating workflow inefficiencies and reducing their productivity.

  • Customers often use Salesforce as their “source of truth” and want CloseFactor data available where reps work - streamlining rep workflow 

  • Manually updating the regularly refreshed CloseFactor insights to Salesforce isn’t an Administrator’s dream

What’s the solution?

Key CloseFactor insights (such as Employee Count, Account Score, Deep Dive links, CloseFactor Tags, and CloseFactor Indicators) can now be mapped and synced with Salesforce automatically

RevOps Rejoice! CloseFactor Insights are now ready for your reps to consume directly from Salesforce. 

RevOps — this one’s for you. We know you’ve been itching to get CloseFactor insights into Salesforce. Now, with new syncing capabilities, integrating CloseFactor data into Salesforce will be seamless. No more manual data wrangling for you. No more digging through multiple platforms for insights for your reps. 

Do you segment your accounts by size? Use CloseFactor’s Account Employee Count to divy up accounts. Our numbers are more accurate than a range estimate, it’s based on data you can trust - enabling you to be precise in your segmentation.

Do your reps know which accounts they should prioritize in their book of business going into their work week? Use the CloseFactor Account Score to guide your reps. Our Account Score is customized based on your previous closed-won opportunities and buying signals that matter, and adjusted as you win more deals or signals shift. Your reps can easily sort by Accounts with the highest score in Salesforce and they’re giving their time and attention to the right accounts.

Are you segmenting accounts using tags based on deep analysis of CloseFactor data, such recent business initiatives? For example, accounts that are prioritizing “Internet of Things” or “Cloud Migration”? Sync CloseFactor tags to Salesforce so your reps can create custom reports or views in Salesforce and focus on accounts aligned with your sales plays.

Are you using CloseFactor signals in tandem with insights from other platforms? You can sync specific CloseFactor indicators to Salesforce, and pair it with intent or engagement scores from other systems to establish your own scoring system. Your reps can then sort their accounts by your proprietary scores in Salesforce.

CloseFactor insights can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to help your sellers prioritize the right accounts - and now it’s easier than ever to bring these insights to your reps directly in Salesforce. Give your reps time back so they can focus more on selling, and less on sieving for insights.

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