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Moving Upmarket: 3 Steps to Build a Lucrative Enterprise GTM Motion

Apr 27, 2023

Your CEO told you that you need to sell into the Enterprise, now what? Navigating the maze that is “The Enterprise” and building a lucrative business model that can drive future growth for your company is not for the faint of heart. So the way we market and sell to those organizations needs to adapt. To build an effective Enterprise motion, marketing and sales need to be in complete lockstep. But where do you start?

Zena Davé, Director of Revenue Marketing at Vercel, has almost a decade of experience in B2B Enterprise Marketing – including time spent as employee #12 at LaunchDarkly and playing a vital role during Intercom’s hypergrowth period. Zena has cracked the code on how to build a successful Enterprise motion in just 3 steps helping her organizations driving predictable revenue.

In this session, you'll learn all about how to

1. Define your ICP and score your accounts

2. Prioritize your accounts with intent layers

3. Build account-based action plans

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