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Selling In The Second Half: How To Adapt To Hit Your Goals in 2023

Jul 25, 2023

For most GTM teams, the first half of 2023 probably didn't go as planned. You set out with fresh goals that everyone agreed to during annual planning only to come up a bit shorter than you hoped. The good news is that you're not alone. B2B has had a rough year with just about every business cutting budget and consolidating tech, while expectations to grow remain at an all time high. So going into the second half of the year, how are you making sure that your team is set up for success?

Keith Butler, President & Chief Revenue Officer at Observe, has over 25+ years of experience in running high-performing B2B sales organizations at companies including PTC and RSA. Keith knows a thing or two about the need to adapt when things don’t necessarily go to plan. 

In this conversation, you'll learn all about how to 

1. Set the right goals

2. Implement changes that will move the needle 

3. Rally your team to execute

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