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How AppOmni Used CloseFactor to Win $6M in New Business


AppOmni is a trailblazing SaaS security company that specializes in protecting businesses' critical cloud applications and data. With a mission to ensure SaaS data security and privacy in an increasingly digital landscape, AppOmni has carved out a niche for itself by providing comprehensive security solutions to enterprises across industries.

The Challenges

With the goal of efficiency, AppOmni was set up to drive growth the right way. However, there was one thing they needed to make sure they had enough fuel in their GTM to hit their goals. They were lacking insight and access to the data needed to effectively target and execute against their ideal customer profile (ICP). 

Without this type of visibility at their disposal, their reps were spending a large portion of their valuable selling time researching accounts in an attempt to gather relevant information about their prospects to see if they were a good fit. 

The Impact

Sales reps at AppOmni found themselves spending a significant portion of their workday navigating account hierarchies and researching potential contacts. First they’d find an account to start working, then head over to LinkedIn to find target personas to reach out to, and then they’d surf their respective profiles for something to personalize their outreach. This exhaustive process completely sapped the team’s productivity, leaving them with less time for meaningful conversations with their prospects. 

The Solution

In search of a solution to help scale their outbound by targeting and executing against their ICP, AppOmni turned to CloseFactor’s sales intelligence platform as the perfect complement to their sales stack.

First, CloseFactor provided AppOmni's sales team with a rich source of relevant, accurate data revealing who their real ideal customers were. With its advanced AI & ML capabilities, the platform was able to prioritize all of their accounts and surface the right personas to engage so their reps were always working the right deals.

Second, CloseFactor significantly reduced time spent on manual tasks by automating the account research process and surfacing key information about their buyers, like what was in their tech stack, the size of their teams, projects they were investing in, and more. With this newfound time on their hands, AppOmni’s reps were able to focus on what they do best – selling.

The Results

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CloseFactor gives me the ability to have a good conversation. Before, I had to do a ton of research on my own to provide value, now I literally have this information instantly.” Kevin Afshar, Regional Sales Manager at AppOmni
Photo of Kevin Afshar
Kevin Afshar
Regional Sales Manager

The results AppOmni saw after bringing on CloseFactor were pretty substantial. Sales reps experienced a significant uptick in productivity, spending less time on manual research and more time on value-driven conversations with the right buyers. By automating the account research process, reps were enabled to initiate conversations with decision-makers from the onset. 

And with sales reps armed with accurate insights and the ability to engage decision-makers more effectively, the company was able to help influence over $6M in new business with CloseFactor.


AppOmni's deployment of CloseFactor is a compelling example of how the right sales intelligence platform can help drive rep productivity and impact efficiency across the sales funnel. With CloseFactor's ability to help reps engage the right people, at the right accounts, with the right message, at the right time, AppOmni was even more poised to accelerate their growth. As the company continues to evolve and expand, CloseFactor remains a trusted partner in helping them stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

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