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How Stardog Supercharged Their Prospecting, Increased Pipeline and Accelerated Deals with CloseFactor


Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform is a force multiplier for data, connecting and enriching multiple disparate data sources, helping enterprises extract value from data locked in proprietary systems. With a vast array of use cases and industries that needed to unlock the knowledge stored in their data, Stardog has a wide range of possible target accounts to engage with. CloseFactor helped Stardog maximise the opportunity for their lean sales team by surfacing up the exact right target accounts and buyer personas so they could focus and achieve their growth goals.

Immense Opportunity

Stardog has a vast array of enterprise use cases ranging from semantic search, modernizing analytics to drug discovery and accelerating supply chains and data lakes. With opportunity in every industry ranging from financial services to life sciences companies and manufacturing, the Stardog CRO, Bob More, wanted his sales team to focus on opportunities where there was already customer pain around knowledge management and information discovery, but also where customers had a sufficient skill level to operationalize Stardog’s cutting edge technology.

Why Stardog Chose CloseFactor

CloseFactor was the only solution on the market that offered customized, tailored market indicators that identified the right target accounts from a vast array of companies, helping Stardog prioritize their go-to-market efforts. Most other solutions had generic, off-the-shelf topic monitoring which failed to capture many of the crucial indicators that were critical for Stardog. Not only did CloseFactor pinpoint and surface up specific topics and patterns within accounts that were interesting to Stardog, it also highlighted the exact buyer personas that met their buyer, champion and influencer personas.

Another big differentiating factor was that the CloseFactor account maps surfaced up projects and initiatives within large accounts that identified customer needs tailored to Stardog’s sales plays. With this information, sales representatives could be more focused and yet multi-threaded within accounts that were right for them.

The Results

In less than two weeks of deployment, Stardog’s sales development team started to book meetings with exact right personas. CloseFactor with its pre-researched accounts not only saved reps a great deal of time, it also surfaced up people they might otherwise have missed.

“What took me 1.5 hours of sourcing the other day to find 60 people at Sanofi I just did in 30 seconds. Not only did it find all those prospects extremely fast, but it found beyond what I had sourced and came back with many more relevant titles that I didn’t see” says Sydney Settle, Account Development Team Lead at Stardog. “For the first time, I feel like we won’t actually be skipping over leads that are crucial to starting an opportunity and eventually closing a deal. I’m very excited to see how quickly this platform will accelerate our outreach as a team! “

On an ongoing basis, updates provided automatically by CloseFactor have also surfaced opportunities and booked meetings.

Dylan Lannom, Global Account Development Leader at Stardog was pleased with the increase in productivity of his sales team. “CloseFactor helped my team waste less time and become super-productive. With the sales team aligned on which accounts to pursue, my team could execute with precision and make the right connections.”

Bob More, CRO at Stardog is excited about the opportunities in the pipeline. “With CloseFactor, we saw results very clearly and very quickly. The intelligence they surfaced helped answer many strategic questions for Stardog and helped us hone in on the right GTM approach.”

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