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GTM Planner

Your GTM blueprint.

CloseFactor helps you build and execute your GTM strategy so you can hit your revenue goals.
An example of an ideal company to sell to with relevant attributes.

Why people love the GTM Planner

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Since deployment, we have seen higher quality and quantity of pipeline from our target accounts powered by CloseFactor.
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Ali Jones
Head of Revenue Operations, Chronosphere

Real-Time ICP

CloseFactor defines your real ICP by looking at commonalities across your closed won deals, sales plays, and our own data in real-time so you always know who makes a good customer.
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Target Accounts

CloseFactor scores and segments your accounts so you know which customers are a good fit and you should be prioritizing.
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TAM Analysis

CloseFactor helps you understand your true TAM so you can build a staffing and resourcing plan that’ll let you scale efficiently.
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