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Revolutionary Generative AI Sales Outreach

Smartsend uses specially-trained generative AI to automatically create personalized and highly effective outreach messages to contacts with the click of a button.
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Why people love the SmartSend

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CloseFactor's SmartSend is absolutely fantastic. We got our entire SDR/BDR team using it right away and they have already seen positive results. The whole team is loving how much it accelerates their prospecting into target accounts.
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Kristin Lyles
VP Marketing at Observe

Automate Outreach

No more time wasted researching accounts and personas and tying their responsibilities back to your company’s value props. CloseFactor SmartSend handles all the research for you.
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Turn cold prospects into warmer conversations

Sending the same email to everyone doesn’t work anymore. Send more custom emails that align product to business initiatives so they can’t be ignored by your prospects.
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Boost Sales

Spend more time doing what you love and what you are best at - selling. Increase qualified pipeline by getting to more buyers without increasing working hours.
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Ready to fill your pipeline with the right opportunities?