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MQLs your sales team actually wants.

CloseFactor helps you drive qualified pipeline that closes faster so you can hit your revenue goals.
Qualified accounts

Less spend, more pipeline.

The best marketers are aligning themselves to revenue. Because the days of hitting your pipeline targets only to have the sales team miss are over. One team, one dream. But the problem is that you can’t just step on the gas and expect more volume to get you there.

That’s where we come in 👋

Hi, we’re CloseFactor. And we help marketing teams drive more qualified pipeline for their sales team without increasing spend. We do that by giving you a crystal clear picture of who your real buyers are and which ones are ready to buy from you right now.

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Scoring accounts by their readiness to buy and using it to optimize marketing spend led to a 70% QoQ increase in marketing-generated opportunities and pipeline.
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Mike Smith
VP of Marketing, Teleport

Your real-time ICP

CloseFactor combines info from your closed won deals and sales plays with our own data to identify your true ICP so you can drive qualified pipeline that closes faster.
An example ideal customer profile

Segment your accounts

CloseFactor uses custom buying indicators to score and segment accounts by revealing where people are in their buying journey so you know who to go after.
Example accounts segmented by different dimensions

Target buyers with precision

CloseFactor gives you all the context you need about your personas including their pain points so you can deliver personalized messages to the right person at the right time.
An example of a potential customer linked with other sales tools.

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