CloseFactor closed down its operations in June 2024. Read more.

All the coverage you need.

CloseFactor helps fill your pipeline to the brim with real opportunities so you can hit your revenue goals.
A list of different prospective accounts rated.

Focus on what matters.

Most reps spend their time on the wrong accounts. And that’s why almost ⅔ of reps will miss their number. But it’s not their fault. The way that we define what makes a good account is broken. So how do you know which ones are right for you?

That’s where we come in 👋

Hi, we’re CloseFactor. And we help sales teams focus only on the accounts that matter. We do that by telling you exactly what makes a good customer and then surface accounts that are ready to buy from you right now.

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Compared to other tools on the market, CloseFactor's differentiator was that they were not a generic source of information, they were exactly specific to what our reps need.
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Tammy Sexton
VP of Sales, LaunchDarkly

The Right Target Accounts

CloseFactor identifies your actual target accounts by surfacing true buying signals that show who is a good fit for your business and who’s ready to buy now.
A list of target accounts as seen in the product.

More Profitable Territories

CloseFactor scores and segments your accounts by those most ready to buy so you can build territories that’ll get every rep paid.
The United States segmented by different selling regions.

Happier, productive reps

CloseFactor points your reps at the right opportunities and automates manual research so they can stay focused on hitting their number.
An image of a happy rep with additional contextual information to help close a deal.

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