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CloseFactor Launches Deep Dives to Help Sellers Lead With Value in Every Conversation

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Palo Alto, California, October 10th, 2023CloseFactor, the world’s first go-to-market operating system for revenue teams, today announced it has unveiled new technology that gives sellers the relevant information they need about each of their accounts in seconds that would typically take hours to track down so they can have meaningful, value-based conversations that convert prospects into customers faster.

Founded in 2020, B2B technology veterans Leena Joshi, Ben Cheung, and Erik Buchanan set out to solve revenue teams' age-old productivity problem with target account research that’s only become infinitely more difficult in today’s world. By leveraging AI and machine learning to automate the entire process, CloseFactor’s mission is to help sellers target the right person, at the right account, with the right message, at the right time.  

By combining the power of industry leading Large Language Models (LLMs) with CloseFactor’s topic extraction technology, Account Deep Dives automate prospect research and deliver insight into over 100+ key topics about a buyer including business performance, market expansion opportunities, current leadership challenges, account signals, competitors, and more. Perfect for sales teams who practice value-based selling, CloseFactor gives sellers the relevant information they need about their buyers in seconds so they can have meaningful, value-based conversations that convert prospects into customers.

“Selling in B2B today is nothing short of difficult,” said Leena Joshi, CEO and Co-Founder of CloseFactor. “Inboxes are flooded, personalization is scarce, and sales cycles are taking longer than ever. So whether you’re trying to get your foot in the door of an account or have a deal sitting on the desk of the CFO along with other technology purchases that need their attention, Account Deep Dives help sellers understand exactly which pain points to hit on so they can keep conversations moving towards their desired outcome.”

With Account Deep Dives, sellers can now: 

  1. Engage prospects more effectively by understanding the pain points of each of their target personas so they can personalize every conversation.

  2. Get easier buy-in from the C-Suite with insight into board level strategies including financial performance, market expansion opportunities, and more.

  3. Spend less time on research with automated research in one click that delivers a detailed breakdown of every account in a matter of seconds.

“Value-based selling is a core component in how our team operates at Securiti but the time it takes to fully understand what’s going on in an account makes it difficult,” says Eric Amstutz, Director Global Sales Strategy. "CloseFactor has been instrumental in helping our sales organization identify the exact pains our buyers are experiencing so that they can lead with value at every step of the sales process.”

Account Deep Dives are now available starting today. To learn more about this announcement, please visit:

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