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Know everything about your buyers in seconds. Introducing Account Deep Dives.

Oct 10, 2023
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Selling has gotten infinitely harder in 2023.

Inboxes are flooded with generic email and video and content. Real personalization that drives engagement is rare. And deals are taking longer to close than ever before.

The problem is that seller’s don’t know nearly enough about their buyers. It’s not their fault, they don’t have enough time in their week to both build pipeline and close deals effectively. But the reality is that if you don’t completely know your buyers in and out and lead with value by attaching yourself to their pains, you don’t stand a chance at converting them into a customer. 

Now if sellers wanted to take the time to get to know their buyers well enough, they have to spend countless hours away from building pipeline and working deals to do their own manual research. A catch-22 for some of the hardest working people in the business.

Well we’re glad to say that that’s not the case anymore.

Introducing Account Deep Dives – know everything about your buyers in seconds.

Account Deep Dives automate prospect research and deliver the insights seller’s need to lead with value in every conversation so they can more effectively engage their buyers.

With Account Deep Dives, sellers get a complete breakdown of their accounts including key pieces of information like business initiatives, account signals, competitors, and more.

“Value-based selling is a core component in how our team operates at Securiti but the time it takes to fully understand what’s going on in an account makes it difficult,” says Eric Amstutz, Director Global Sales Strategy. "CloseFactor has been instrumental in helping our sales organization identify the exact pains our buyers are experiencing so that they can lead with value at every step of the sales process.”

With Deep Dives, seller’s can now:

  1. Engage prospects more effectively

  2. Get easier buy-in from the C-Suite

  3. Spend less time on research

Account Deep Dives give sellers all the information they need in seconds to have meaningful, value-based conversations so they can convert prospects into customers.

But what exactly do Deep Dives give you insight into? Let’s dive in.

Account Overview

Have you ever had a meeting coming up only to realize you haven’t done a ton of prep? Well, sometimes you need quick access to important information about one of your accounts so you don’t fall on your face on that call. 

Deep Dives give you a high-level summary of your account's core business, leadership, and strategic priorities so you can feel prepared and ready to go no matter where the conversation takes you. 

Product & Business Initiatives

Understanding exactly what your target accounts are looking to accomplish helps you anchor the conversation on something that they care a lot about.

Deep Dives give you insight into recent and planned investments – including business initiatives and product launches – so you can align your solution to the right pain points in your deals.

Leader Challenges

We now live in a world where you’ll need C-Suite approval for just about any new technology that an account is bringing into their stack. And because of that, a lot of deals are sitting on the desk of the CFO right now.

Deep Dives give you board level insight – including a breakdown of the top concerns and pain points that are top of mind for the leadership team within an account – so you can keep conversations focused on what they’re looking to achieve.

Account Signals

Intent is fine as a lagging indicator of where an account is in their buying journey. That’s because buyers often send out different types of signals well before the intent comes knocking. They come in the form of pain indicators, new projects and initiatives, hiring decisions, or the contents of a tech stack.

Deep Dives give you insight into these leading buying indicators so you always hit on the right things and get in front of your buyers before your competitors do.


Having a pulse on the market landscape of the accounts you’re targeting helps you better understand the space they play in.

Deep Dives populate a list of your target account’s key competitors and their differentiation so you can help position how your solution will help them win. Plus, even if a specific account isn’t ready to buy, you now have an even bigger list of accounts to go after.

Business Model

Understanding how your target accounts operate is critical in knowing how to navigate a deal.

Deep Dives give you a full analysis of your target account's products, services, partners, and revenue streams so you can align your value proposition to bolster their business model.

Product & Market Expansion

Growth in certain areas of a business signal significant investment. Whether that investment is in people, technology, or other resources, there is clearly a driving factor that you can latch onto.

Deep Dives give you a recap of your target account’s recent strategic expansion and opportunistic investments so you can build a rock solid business case for how you will help them achieve their goals.

Financial Performance

Understanding the health of a business is super important in identifying if there is a big enough opportunity that’s worth exploring and spending your time on. 

Deep Dives look into publicly available financial information, like 10Ks, to give you insight into key metrics and trends over time so you can better quantify the ROI and value of what you’re selling to them.

Recent News

Knowing everything that’s going on at your target accounts helps you understand when there might be an opportunity for you to start engaging.

Deep Dives aggregate mentions about your target account that show up in news outlets – like funding or recent executive hires – so you can quickly access important information that you can use to personalize your outreach.

Top Leader Quotes

Using your prospect’s own words is a cheat code when trying to break into an account or move a deal forward. It’s so much more impactful when they speak on a subject than when it’s coming from you.

Deep Dives aggregate quotes found across the web – from sites like LinkedIn and other publications –  from leaders within the organization so you have the social proof you need to drive engagement with a specific target persona.

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